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Internet Services

From electronic mail to a wide variety of newsgroups, IITS provides an impressive selection of internet services to the university community.

Internet Services Include:
Electronic Mail through Alcor
MyConcordia Portal

If you're looking for access to Concordia's network or the internet, please see our Networking Services page.

Electronic Mail through Alcor
Electronic mail allows users to exchange messages with individuals from around the world. Staff and faculty members at Concordia University are entitled to a basic e-mail account through Alcor, our primary e-mail system. Alcor accounts can be accessed in a number of ways:

Via an e-mail client, such as Eudora;
• From our Webmail system; or
• Through Telnet.

To acquire an Alcor account, simply log-on to the MyConcordia Portal and select "Computer Accounts & Passwords". If you need assistance, contact the IITS Helpline at 848-2424, ext. 7613 or help@concordia.ca. Otherwise, visit one of our service areas (H-925 or CC-207) for help.

Please remember that an Alcor account is for the exclusive use of the individual to whom it is issued. Sharing your account is strictly prohibited. Alcor e-mail Homepage

Majordomo is a publicly available software package, called a list server, which is used for the creation and maintenance of electronic mailing lists. A list server is a program designed to accept mail messages and to redistribute them to a predefined list of recipients. This means that a single message may be distributed to many individuals. IITS maintains a number of different lists, each with a separate name, purpose, distribution (or membership) list, and characteristics.

Majordomo lists are created upon completion of an application form.

Newsgroups, also known as "Usenet news", are a world-wide system of internet bulletin boards used for discussions on a variety of topics. Each topic has a "newsgroup." Upon subscription to a newsgroup, a user can read articles posted by other people, or post his/her own article. Newsgroups are a great tool for creating and communicating with numerous topical online communities.

Useful Newsgroups:
Concordia.announce - for general Concordia related announcements:
Concordia.dept.iits - for information regarding Concordia's computer systems and their maintenance:
Concordia.general - for general discussion:
Concordia.forsale - to buy, sell and trade items:
Please visit News Service for more information about newsgroups, including FAQ's and a monster list of newsgroups.

MyConcordia Portal
The objective of the MyConcordia portal is to provide the Concordia community with a single entry point to all services via the web. The portal combines various systems, user interfaces and technical solutions available to the Concordia community under a single, consistent web-based interface structure.

Portal users can potentially consolidate all of their web accounts, thereby reducing the time it takes to access information and services.

Services for Students include:
• Class schedules
• Course registration
• Online fee payment
• Exam schedules
• Student records
• Transcripts
• Book lists
• Computer account self-service
• Library services

Faculty services available through the MyConcordia portal.

Created with portability and flexibility in mind, Concordia's Alcor Webmail system allows users to access their e-mail account/s wherever and whenever necessary. Using a simple and intuitive web-based interface, users can easily access an account from home, an internet café, or virtually any computer in the world with internet access. Webmail is a practical solution that ensures the connectivity of mobile users. Logging in is easy – users simply require their Alcor login name and password.
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IITS Webmail